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Where to find and how to invite an artist to a wedding, anniversary, celebration? You studied all the dance groups in Moscow, watched the show at the wedding and the artists at the event, but you did not like anyone? You want to order a show program and organize a 100% memorable and vivid show for the event, but did not find suitable and interesting offers, the cost of which suits you, did not find?

DIVO - cabaret-theater (Moscow), about which glory rages throughout the capital. You will find a dance group, a show for the holiday, acrobat performances, parodies of celebrities and other genres with us, as well as live vocals and choreography - an integral part of any holiday. Working with us and choosing the right project for your event, you get universal entertainment, combining all styles and trends. That is why we are suitable for the celebration of any plan - a New Year's corporate party, a wedding, a birthday, the opening of an institution, and so on. Our theater was founded in 2009 by two showmen who have established themselves as one of the best in show business - this is Yury Borovikov and Vlad Ponomarev. Our artists perform at the Voice project, on TV channels and in entertainment programs: Ural Dumplings and Merry Evening, at various city, large-scale concerts, fashion shows, beauty contests, exhibitions, media people anniversaries. Theater DIVO has traveled all over Russia, and half of Europe. Tours to China and Los Angeles are planned soon. Cooperated with Russian artists and danced in ballet with pop stars. We won awards and won creative contests (Diva 2012). You can choose the team you like and order it yourself. We will make any holiday an unforgettable event that will be talked about and admired.


• The original theme of the show at the banquet in Moscow. For those who are planning to order a wedding show, we offer a whole “galaxy” of magnificent, stunning performances, the work of which was done by the best choreographers, scriptwriters, artists and decorators: every image of a ballet show is a true work of art.


• Order submissions from DIVO at a reasonable and reasonable price. The booking of DIVO artists fully justifies the money spent by the fantastic and sparkling atmosphere at the festival. No guest will be able to forget our dance show and the performance of artists at the banquet.


• Responsibility and accuracy. We strictly fulfill the arrangements, our employees are top-class professionals who work out shows for the holiday with 150% dedication, enthusiasm and enthusiasm. Having ordered a show program, the event will be more fun, be it a Wedding, New Year, birthday or corporate party.


• First of all, thanks to the spectacular, colorful and artistic art of our custom shows. The dance show conquers and fascinates, as if it takes you away in a bright whirlwind of music, light, vocals and plastics. Exclusive outfits, a competent script of the show for a corporate party, charismatic and beautiful artists, heartfelt and necessarily live vocals, emotional choreography - this is the festival of the show, which has no equal!


Our show perfomance


Costume rental

Our theater provides an opportunity to order cabaret costumes for rent, if you fall in love with some image of our projects, we will be happy to help you to reincarnate in it.

This is the best solution, you get a high quality outfit for relatively little money. Cost of renting costumes 10-20% of their real price. If you choose carnival costumes for rent from us, we assure 99% of the images you will not find anywhere else. All of them were custom-made by Moscow and foreign designers.

Having decided on a suit for rent, you only pay for it. We provide rental and rental services with excellent service, taking care of the comfort of the client.

Want a special carnival costume? In our wardrobe dressing room, the stylist will collect an unusual image of a witch, an evil queen, elegant evening dresses, costumes with feathers and other vivid images.

Working only with professional artists and designers, tailors and other masters of their craft, we have assembled an excellent collection of theatrical costumes for rent. You can meet our theatrical images in movies and TV shows. Many stylists and costume designers rent theater costumes for commercials. Clips and Christmas lights. And also used in beauty contests and concerts.

We also provide the service of individual design and tailoring of stage costumes.

Show ballet

Dancing with the Stars and work with artists on TV, show.
We will make a show to your subject and taste *

Events of different levels and formats need to be accompanied. Podtantsovka - a service from the theater, which will help in the implementation of your most exciting projects.

We develop a concept, choreography, discuss the light and direction. We will do everything to make your performance the brightest and the best.

We are able to provide dancers for artists and everyone in the capital and on the road. We have professional experience and are ready to discuss any idea. We work at concerts, TV shows, creative competitions, etc.




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