Fascinating and fascinating

a spectacle requiring special

concentration and skill

it can surprise even the most

exquisite viewer!

Someone is juggling balls

and plates,

others prefer to juggle with clubs. Inviting to your holiday

juggler, you are surprised by this

unusual art!


Ordering a circus number on the canvas, you

doubt you can’t go wrong

circus number for a holiday.


acrobats on canvases it is always

fascinating and fascinating air show.

Foot juggling

Foot juggling is juggling and manipulating objects using the feet (and sometimes also the hands).

Foot juggling can be done standing up, using foot catches and kick-ups and other footbag and soccer juggling techniques; sitting with the feet off the ground, which allows the juggler to use their feet for juggling without having to use them for standing at the same time; or lying down and balancing objects on top of the soles of the feet (this type of foot juggling is called antipodism).


All acrobatic numbers are performed on a rotating wheel. The circus instrument itself is a large metal hoop to the height of a person. Artist keeps

behind the wheel with his hands and feet, mass of the body spins the hoop and being inside the hoop, performs various tricks.

acrobatic couple

dance with acrobatic elements (supports).
It is filled with spins, acrobatic pair elements and dance bundles between them. Performed as a slow music, and under energetic.


Equilibrist - We will show what a human body is capable of. Artists perform, keeping the balance of the body in various positions and in the most amazing situations: walking a tightrope, numbers on a ball, pole, bicycle, etc. The main thing for an equilibrist is to surprise a guest with incredible physical strength and leave incredible emotions after his performance.


combines tricks that feature the highest technical difficulty, creativity, speed and rythmical choreography which fascinates and excites audiences worldwide. 


Director of production.

 Borovikov Yuri More than 10 years of work in the show industry. He put on more than a dozen spectacular shows and worked throughout Russia and Europe. Implemented major events. his show is always on top.



Only professional and experienced dancers in our theater work perfectly in their tasks. Passion, talent, plastic ... real stars of their craft.

Drag queen

Insanely talented and charismatic artist. Singer, dancer and designer. It is impossible to take your eyes off him, his energy fills the audience. Beautiful images, chic costumes are a phenomenal talent.