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Large-scale show performance 

In this show, real professionals work for you: vocalists, dancers, acrobats and actors!


Grand Show is a guarantee of success of any event and a great gift for guests!


During the program you will see more than 60 beautiful and truly unique costumes, fabulous transformations, live vocals, special effects and natural emotions of our talented actors!


Photos from past events.


Show theater DivO '

presents you the best programs, the most amazing and brilliant! At the highest level.
We have been working in the show industry market for 7 years already; our experience gives us the opportunity to work with the organizers professionally and quickly, to conduct the show program easily and without problems and leave only positive impressions on the organizer and the audience!

Here are collected professionals in their field. You can order a show program from 10 to 20 people (acrobats, dancers, vocalists, actors of various genres, a participant in the Lord of the dance show (step), the Voice project, and many others!
Whichever entertainment program you choose, it is guaranteed to be a highlight for your event and a great gift for guests! Your guests will be able to watch unique show-rooms, performed by true professionals of their field.

our performances



5 Cabaret of Paris




7.Mysterious East

 Восточное шоу заказать. Танцы, живой вокал.

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