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Artists and shows for the New Year

Show program for the New Year - where to order the performance of artists at a corporate party in Moscow, price

The DIVO show theater in Moscow offers to order shows for the New Year. We will organize an unforgettable corporate event! Enchanting show program, experienced artists, reasonable prices. Visit the site and choose the option of entertaining guests right now!

New Year show program
New Year is a beloved, long-awaited and magical holiday for everyone, from which everyone expects a miracle and a good mood. And the DIVO show theater will help everyone to feel the spirit of triumph, celebrate the event unforgettably and get a lot of positive emotions!
Contact us, and we will hold a corporate party for the New Year so that all your colleagues will remember it with admiration for a long time. We offer several options for grandiose shows that cause a storm of emotions. Amazing performance of artists captivates the audience!
What to choose?
The show program for New Year from DIVO will not let any guest get bored. Bright costumes, incredible effects, amazing tricks - we have everything.


For corporate parties you can order:
1. Grand Show. This is a show performance in which actors, dancers, vocalists and acrobats participate. Live vocals, more than 60 colorful costumes, many special effects, sparkling dances and incredible acrobatic performances will create a festive atmosphere at the event and give unrestrained fun to each guest. The original program is in no way inferior to shows held in Las Vegas and Paris.

2. Shantey Show. Dance-parody travesty show, which can also be ordered for the New Year. Why invite expensive pop stars when you can have fun in the company of DIVO artists? We will present an unforgettable holiday - a professional show ballet, more than 40 beautiful costumes, funny parodies. For 30 minutes of the program, you can recharge your emotions for a year ahead!

3. Show 5 Muses. The vocal and dance show "5 Muses" will allow you to mentally travel to Paris on the Moulin Rouge. This is a unique mix of theater, musical and show ballet. Live vocals, fiery dances, an interesting storyline, colorful costumes, amazing numbers - what else is needed for an unforgettable evening?

4. Showman. Show for everyone who loves circus performances! You can order performances of jugglers, acrobats, balancers, gymnasts. Now you don’t have to go to the circus - it will arrive to you at the right time.

5. Night VEBER Show. The performance of the cover band excites the audience. The singer’s powerful vocals in 3.5 octaves and incendiary dances will not let you get bored!

Do you want to order a performance for New Year right now? Call the indicated phone number, chat online or e-mail to book a date and time. Hurry up, because the DIVO show-theater is one of the best in Moscow!

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